With payrolling, you recruit and select the employee yourself. This will then be delivered to Cova and sent to your company. From a legal point of view, Cova is the employer.


Payrolling allows you to keep your workforce and therefore your costs flexible. The people will work for you on a temporary or secondment basis, so that you do not run any labour law risks yourself. Payrolling also has the advantage that a payroller does not have a probationary period. This gives you more time to assess whether employees meet your requirements and may be eligible for a contract. This also saves you a lot of time, because we take care of the entire payroll and personnel administration.


  • More efficient management
  • No administration or registration fees
  • Maximum flexibility
  • The know-how of Cova as a supporting partner
  • Specialized in temporary, qualified workers
  • Always an interpreter or translator available



You may perhaps have a temporary need for additional personnel. This could easily be the case soon, considering the current economic fluctuations. At first glance, it seems attractive to attend to it by yourself: many companies still think that hiring their own staff is cheaper and that contracting temporary workers can be done easily and quickly.

Regulations are becoming increasingly complex and more stringent

COVA would like to tell you about the new rules on temporary employment, terms of employment and the European laws on foreign employees.
We are able to tell you in which cases it will be cheaper to deploy temporary workers. Recruitment, selection, screening, registration and administration involve relatively high costs when it concerns temporary workers. Taking care of labour risks, sickness absence, contributions and taxes is a time-consuming process, particularly in the case of foreign workers.

Cova consults objectively and individually

We put the right people at the right spot. We also ensure that required safety and working instructions are in the worker’s native language and ensure that you will always be able to clearly communicate with our temporary workers.


With this form of service, Cova offers the employee a contract for a specific period: the duration of the project. This contract will stipulate agreements on a trial period and term of notice.

Where are they when you need them?

Posting is a tailor-made job and is more than just picking a good CV. Experienced professionals are able to start quickly. Cova takes care of recruitment, selection, administration and all legal screening and registration. This enables you to produce without a lot of fuss. Cova offers two kinds of posting: contract posting and project posting.
Der Einsatz von Zeitarbeitspersonal bringt Kontinuität in Ihre Arbeitsabläufe und eine klare Kostenstruktur, denn Sie bezahlen nur die geleistete Arbeit.

Contract Posting

Candidates can be deployed quickly, are well-experienced and in most cases immediately productive. You may hire someone who is satisfactory for a longer period without a fixed contract. This will save you a lot of time.

Project Posting

Through project posting, you will get the right people and experience to make your project a success. You only have to tell us once what needs to be done precisely. Cova will recruit the right staff, instruct and register the right people and employ them. We ensure that the job will be finished in time!
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